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Shades of Blue
Varsha Mahendra

Varsha Mahendra

Varsha Mahendra, hailing from Calicut is currently pursuing her Master's in English literature. She's a guest lecturer in soft skills and verbal communication as well. She happens to be someone who's fond of journaling since childhood. In the long run, it paved the way for her to become a writer. She's someone who loves to explore places and taste foods from all over the world. Well, she believes traveling and writing go hand in hand. She quotes down her thoughts on her Instagram page named @thought_0f_an_0verthinker. Besides writing, her hobbies over the years has been cooking and badminton. Moreover, she is a jack of all trades. She's good at art, especially in handcraft and Classical dance is her forte. She has a keen eye for aesthetics, which certainly reflects in her photography skills. Her fascination to understand human behaviors and realization of the importance of mental health led her to complete certifications in psychology. Publishing a book has always been on the top of her bucket list and 'When Cupid Struck Me' is also one among those array of new things, she was eager to try her hands at. You can follow her in instagram @varsha__mahendra

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