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Frequently asked


  • Why FanatiXx?
    FanatiXx not just provides you with the highest royalty in the market, but also here we treat authors like a part of our own family. You will be guided, supported and encouraged more and more with passing time along with tremendous opportunities both online as well as Offline like Book Fairs, Award Shows, Interviews, Press, Book Reading Sessions, Offline Distribution, Digital Showcase, Branding, Workshops, Seminars, Webinars and lot more...
  • What is Self- Publishing?
    Self-publishing is the publication of any book by its author without the active involvement of an established/traditional publisher. The author is in control of the entire publication process, including cover design and interior layout, book formats (Paperback/E-book), price-control, global/national distribution, cost-effective marketing strategies, and public relation services.
  • Does FanatiXx Publication offer Self - Publishing or Traditional Publishing?
    FanatiXx Publication deals with Self-Publishing as well as a Hybrid process which combines the ease and benefits of self-publishing with the effectiveness and expertise of Traditional Publishing.
  • What do we mean by Hybrid - Traditional Publishing?
    Hybrid - Traditional Publishing, the process which combines the ease and benefits of self-publishing with the effectiveness and expertise of Traditional Publishing. This means you get all the freedom and royalties that comes with Self- Publishing along with the distribution network, expertise and marketing which are associated with Traditional Publishing.
  • How can we get our book published with FanatiXx Publication?
    It’s simple really! You just need to send us a part of your work (via email in a MS Word or PDF format), and after a quick evaluation, the editing team will get back to you, confirming the acceptance or rejection. Then you would be required to send us the complete manuscript, and we will start working on editing and cover designing simultaneously, along with ISBN allocation, followed by the formatting and printing of the book.
  • How long does it take to publish a book?
    It usually takes 15-25 days to publish a book with utmost care and quality work, however depending on the manuscript and the package chosen, also the quality of work to be ensured, it might be done faster or sooner.
  • How many copies of my book do FanatiXx print?
    We Print-On-Demand, which means that we print copies of your book as and when we get a demand for it either by the readers, customers or the author. However, to avoid any delays when the orders for your book start trickling in, we keep a stock of at least 20 copies in our warehouse. If you want extra copies apart from the promised free copies mentioned in the packages, you can purchase it from us at a highly discounted rate.
  • Under what circumstances would my manuscript be rejected?
    Though rejection is solely the editing panel’s decision, the following points would form the basis of it. The manuscript should not Be communal in any way. Be an emulation of some other work. Be sexually explicit. Hurt somebody’s religious or cultural beliefs. The Quality of the manuscript is too low.
  • Who decided the price of my books?
    Under the self-publication method, you will be the one deciding the final price of the book, however the publication will provide you with a minimum price based on printing and distribution charges. Under the Hybrid Model, the publication house finalized the price with a mutual consent from the author.
  • Can I customize the package, i.e. remove or add services from the packages depending on my needs?
    Yes, you are allowed to customize the package with add-ons and also removing the services you don't need, however there are certain basic services like editing, proof reading, ISBN allocation etc which are non negotiable.
  • Will I be able to change my publisher in the future if need be?
    Yes! If at any point in time you want to discontinue our services, all you need to do is send us an email or make a phone call. We would have no issues providing you a NOC (No Objection Certificate). But till the time you don’t do so, it would be illegal and unethical for you to get your book printed and marketed from any other source.
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