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Shraddha is a lawyer turned Author.She is a people's person. She would like to be there fo


A Peek In 2 The Life

"A PEEK IN2 THE LIFE " as the name suggests is a peek into the life from the author's vision. The greatest gift you can receive is another day in a life. When life is being cruel why not we be strong and unbreakable. Let depression and failure break you but Courage and love put you back. Let society judge you but break the stereotypes. Let things like rape, sexual harassment, men issues be discussed openly. Let your inner self grow and progress. Let failure make you stiff and more ambitious. Let Life be cruel but you be strong and reluctant. Go through the journey of roller-coaster ( life ). Let us have a peek into the life.

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Bhavya Sinha

Bhavya Sinha

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