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Black Lives Matter


Rishav Banerjee , Jael Migiro

The book Black Lives Matter is an anthology that's compiled by Author. Rishav Banerjee from India and Author.Jael Kemuma Migiro from Kenya. Black lives matter is a BLACK theme that originated from the death of George Floyd in 2020. The book Express the pains and struggles that blacks undergo. The authors from Kenya have popped up to inspire their society and the world at large by the amazing pieces in the book. Never I thought that I am going to compile a book that is going to be based on the ”BLACK LIVES MATTER”. And especially to those 45 writes from KENYA who have solely participated in this book and have made it successful to take this glory into the epitome of everything. Secondly, I would love to show my gratefulness to my best friend ”JAEL” for showing her interest and to take part as a co-author from Kenya, then I would love to say thanks to my mom ” Esther Murakami Kimani” who has always supported me even we aren't connected by blood, and then to Nyânsmân Emölös for his constant support & to Armstrong Jones, Paul James, Devanshi Singh, Samriddhe, Deepika Sati, Ash, Anna Mbula Musyoka & Nihal Berry.





Black Lives Matter


Rishav Banerjee

Rishav Banerjee

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