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The Heartstrings


Nalini Patel

What are memories to you? Aren't they music, just in the form of notations ready to be explored over that piano,the only solace to you in this mad world? To preserve your precious moments we present to you "The Heartstrings".The Heartstrings is a compilation of amazing write-ups that will touch the strings of your heart and make you fall in love again. The book will take you to a mesmerising journey of different experiences from all over the world. It's about the person you're thinking of when you're running an afternoon errand, the radio is on and you're singing along at the top of your lungs, in the middle of traffic wishing they were right there beside you. It's about the one you want to spend the little moments with, the moments that will flash before your eyes one day and there's no one else you'd rather see yourself within those moments because you know that, that's when you feel like your life is worth living the most. The Book is compiled by Nalini Patel under the countenance of Srashti Behure. The co-authors have shared not just a writeup to be published but a part of their lives with you. I really hope their feelings would reach you through their words.





The Heartstrings


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