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"ESTO TAMBIEN PASARA", presented by Divya Renwa and compiled by Neha.K.M is an anthology based on HOPE.

Hope is the virtue of 'not yet' of something 'being on its way'.Each one has its own unique quality of cohesion and set of dynamics .

This is an anthology with a collection of elegant co-authors who have expressed their perspectives in different ways. These pages are filled with thoughts, emotions, experiences, positive enthusiasm and many more which will inspire and motivate readers a better way.

"THIS TOO SHALL PASS" is a great mantra that teaches us the power of impermanence. The co-authors have carefully inked their thoughts with so much of creativity and responsibility.

The greatest gift to humanity is looking forward, no matter how wonderful or horrible the situation exists, nothing lasts forever. From atmospheric compelling writing ,this book surely leaves a mark on its readers with strength, happiness and positivity. This book gives hope that we can overcome all our tragedies but it also gives the message that life can never be the fairy tale happily ever after.

ESTO TAMBIEN PASARA as the title says "THIS TOO SHALL PASS" is the joined efforts and dream of our talented writers who have beautifully penned their ideas through words. As a compiler, it was a smooth and easy journey for me to complete this anthology with my lovely co-authors.

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