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Heal and Rebuild

Heal and Rebuild


“Absence of negative thoughts is the presence of a constructive mind.”

Life was never easy for anyone to deal with, but some positive people chose to help others despite the situations they are facing in their lives. It is easy to contemplate but it takes your entire journey when it comes to an action.

This composition of various genres enlightens the appropriateness of the title as it is an agglomeration of various touch points like life stories, love and life ideologies, dreams, desires, death, justice, psychological outcomes after a tragedy, life's offering freedom, overcoming negativity, working towards oneself, poems dedicated to humanity, God, love, living for a purpose, and a letter to mother.

My sincere respect and appreciation to all my co-authors who came up and shared their experiences of life, fought for what they deserve, and positively got over the negativity and became valuable human beings.

This collection has been anthologized, with toil and dedication, by compiler Sakshi Chandwani.

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