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Peace is liberty in tranquility and it’s always beautiful. The word itself is so soothing and calm. It has various meanings to different people
In this chaotic and busy world, it's no wonder that each and everyone of us whether we accept it or not is yearning and hunting for serenity .
I would say Tranquility is knowing that the Almighty loves you and is always with you no matter what. Peace is not the absence of conflict , but the presence of Almighty no matter what the dispute.

“La Tranquillité” is an anthology where our writers have exquisitely expressed their feelings on peace and they have given a lot of thought to- especially how to attain it.
Our writers have put in their utmost efforts to present what lingers in their heart and soul.
They have poured their hearts out on serenity and inked down their take. In the book we’ll see that tranquility can be found
from the tiniest of moments to the biggest of blessings .
The book is conceptualised and compiled by Aiysha Ayub under the auspices of Divya Renwa .

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