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Hello guyzz..iam from chennai currently pursuing my Electronics and Communication Engineering 3Rd year. My hobbies are writing poems, Short stories and drawings. Iam the girl fulfilling my dreams. I have compiled a book named"THE MAGICAL CHIP" which is most specially dedicated to all families , The book is collection of poems,short stories and quotes for our lovely father,mother,brothers and sisters. I also co-authored 10+ anthology still iam continuing my co-authroing works too. And iam also grateful to say that iam also a "HEAD COMPILER " in SPECTRUM OF THOUGHTS TEAM. Thank you soo much for giving me this opportunity to Danica rayen sis and SOT team core members. I wil be always thankful and sincere to you all. still iam continuing my compilation works in different themes and also guiding my compilers, co-Compilers and Co-Authors. I promised that i will truthful in all my project works and i i will fulfill my dreams through writtings.The best thing is I also recognised for " SPECTRUM BUDDING WRITTERS AWARD 2021" this is also one of my best and best memories in my life i cant describe my happiness through words,still i need to work hard and many more to goo to reach my dreams. I hope i will do it. Thank God for all his blessings.😊